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wonders never cease Thursday, August 27, 2009

farewell summer, welcome fall.

fallfashion It must be August: Vogue weighs 22 ½ lbs., “Back-to-School” emblazons every bus stop ad, and everywhere are “must-have for fall” lists. But none of us MUST have anything new for fall unless we ARE still growing and starting back to school. Plus, when it’s 95 degrees and 100% humidity (today in DC!), the thought of touching a sweater makes us sweat. And yet….. and yet. There's that longing for change, a little something to reward fall's back-to-school feeling and the packing away our childish summer ways. So, let us suggest some non-essential but delicious little indulgences. For under $100, you can toss on some new jeweled bangles, a gauzey scarf, and a new clutch. If you’ve got a little vacation cash left, how about Plenty’s Cocoa Chemise or Susana Monaco’s Tie-Back Dress? Or, fellows, how about some polished stone cufflinks or a crushable braid fedora?


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wonders never cease