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wonders never cease Thursday, April 28, 2011

THURSDAY, April 28th, 2011a royal wedding: home-made reception.

First, Barbie Kate was the victim of a royal prank, then she enjoyed a day at the shops, and last we saw her planning her mystery honeymoon. But now, HOURS away from the ceremony, she's rethinking the idea of a ROYAL reception...barbie_closeup
"What was I thinking, 600 guests?! Why not put together a little something back at our place? First, I'll hunt for recipes."
"This is already overwhelming! I'll have tea and then carry on."
"People wear aprons to cook, yes? Even princesses?"
"I suppose they'll want cheese."
"And wine goes with cheese. Yes, I'll just have a glass whilst I prepare."
"I'll set the table with these hand-painted cups. So simple and sweet...Just like me!"
"Time for another break, and then I'll cook the---eh, forget it. A catered 600-guest party it is. This is entirely too much work for someone so lovely and princess-y. I should be preparing my trousseau, anyway. Right after this scotch."


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