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wonders never cease Tuesday, May 14, 2013

They Come From the Land Down Under.

Well, look what just blew in from Australia: a fresh crop of Helen Kaminski sunhats! Focused on design and craftsmanship, these hand-made beauties combine style and function to protect against the summer sun. You'd look as wonderful as a...wallaby...if you sported one this season.

1. Helen Kaminski "Seychelles", $190  2. Helen Kaminski "Trujillo", $125  3. Helen Kaminski "Provence" in fig, $230  4. Helen Kaminski "Provence" in aquarelle, $230  5. A wallaby, priceless  6. Helen Kaminski "Corsano", $115  7. Helen Kaminski "Vallarta", $195


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wonders never cease