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wonders never cease Sunday, May 30, 2010

SUNDAY, MAY 30th, 2010it's gonna be a scorcher!

sandsunEvery winter, you can be heard complaining about the cold & snow, and bla bla bla, something about frostbite. This record-breaking winter was no exception, when it seemed like the only thing keeping you from diving into a snow bank & letting the blizzard finish you off was the distant promise of summer's cozy heat. Well, thank you very much, summer is here. WITH A VENGEANCE. And there's nary a break in sight. But before you start complaining about the stifling heat & humidity, and bla bla bla, something about sunstroke, stick your feet in a bucket of ice and read on for STAY-COOL TIPS. ~ If you have a functioning air conditioner, then you're lucky and we're all very impressed. If you lack the cooling effects of freon, buy some fans. Buy a TON of fans. And for an old-timey effect, set the fan to blow over a bucket of ice. (Then sit on your front porch with a glass of lemonade and while away the hot day by playing the harmonica and whittling. Or something like that.) ~ Speaking of ice: add it to everything. ~ Don't even think about running your oven. We love a home-baked pie as much as the next person, but stick to ice cream for the next few months. ~ But, speaking of pie: buy some dates, almonds, and blueberries. Blend dates and almonds together, using enough dates to make the mixture sticky. Press into a pie dish to form a crust. Blend the blueberries and pour into the dish as a filling. Cover and freeze for an hour or so. Enjoy your cold and delicious summer dessert. ~ Find your local public pools or investigate entrance policies at hotel pools. Or make friends with someone with a pool and spend every. free. moment. there. (Washingtonians: the pools opened this weekend! Rejoice!) ~ Embrace the charm & quirk of a parasol. ~ HATS. (Ahem.) ~ We hear great things about beaches in the summer... ~ Drink LOTS of clear liquids. (Water, specifically, but an icy gin & tonic will do, in a pinch.) ~ Obsessively check the weather, hoping for a thunderstorm. ~ Move slowly, unless you're marathon-training or late to work. ~ Run through sprinklers and hop in fountains and get in water-gun fights. It is summer, after all.


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