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wonders never cease Sunday, February 7, 2010

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 2010 snow falling on…snow.

lampyardrobins2robingoing2workA glorious blizzard it was. Our yard became a deep, puffy, cartoonish version of itself -- and suddenly home to hundreds of robins.* Once we'd dug out the shops on Saturday, we launched our HUGE February clearance (a tree falling in the forest, really -- quite alone we were, tiny islands of would-be commerce in a sea of unshovelled, not-open-for-business businesses).

Today, the big thaw has begun, and the beauty is still dazzling. Cabin fever is driving the Snowmageddon (how many storms get a Presidental moniker?!) shoppers to the streets. We welcome them with open arms and HUGE discounts to reward their efforts.

*Can anyone explain the magical, slightly spooky phenomenon of frentic robin activity in the snow? We saw it first a few years ago: literally hundreds of robins, flying back and forth, trading places incessantly for about 15 minutes, then moving on. Despite my best research (of course, I've never gone farther than google...), I can't seem to find any information about why this happens. Bird behavioral experts, please?shop_be4pt2


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