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wonders never cease Sunday, August 30, 2009

our friend the scarf.

662104[1]The Scarf. Classic. Currently trendy. Transforming. Officially-endorsed dress-up play. With the twist of a wrist, you've donned Isadora Duncan bohemia or Grace Kelly glam. Let us count some of the ways we love a scarf: 1) Choker-style, ends pulled forward and loosely knotted. 2) In a triangle (esp. a fringed scarf), point to the front, ends wrapped & draped forward. 3) Doubled, ends pulled through and dangling in front. 4) As a shrug, arms slipped through knotted corners. 5) Wrapped & tied at base of head, ends flowing long. 6) Wrapping head several times, ends tied over chignon.


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wonders never cease