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wonders never cease Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summertime Chill

This first long weekend of summer always feels like standing at a starting line, waiting for the thrilling race to begin. The sunshine! The fireflies! The water and sand and long, long evenings. A perfect time for a picnic in the park as The Summer Chill begins.

Be sure to wear a shade-producing (and fetching) hat. A summer dress is also de rigueur for the ladies, and this lovely cotton tie-back from Tracy Reese/plenty couldn't be more comfy and cool; speaking of cool, this fabulous tote is a cooler bag with abundant bottle pockets and storage space- a sneaky everyday tote that's also your picnic's best friend. Last but not least, take along some chill music: our leather-wrapped blue tooth speaker, loaded with our Proper Topper play list #2. (DId we mention that we're releasing a new play list weekly, the custom-crafted work of our own mix master Joe? Find it here, and also by following us on Spotify.)


Relax, enjoy, and let the kids go a little wild.

Savor the season!


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wonders never cease