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wonders never cease Saturday, September 5, 2009

what can we bring?

recipesfromthegarden Our haul of tomatoes from the Farmers' Market today was spectacular, so we're thinking a Golden Tomato Tart, from Rosalind Creasy's Recipes from the Garden. (This book is so beautiful, you'll want to weep.) Here's the scoop if you want to try it, too. (For the rest of the wonders, read the book!)

For the marinated tomatoes: 4 to 5 gold tomatoes, thinly sliced 6 to 7 cherry or pear tomatoes, halved 1/2 cup (125 ml) extra-virgin olive oil 1 to 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 tablespoon minced fresh chives Freshly ground black pepper


For the filling: 1 cup (225 g) soft goat cheese or natural cream cheese 3 to 4 tablespoons heavy cream 1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary 1 nine-in (23-cm) prebaked pie shell

Put both kinds of tomatoes into a bowl. In another bowl, combine the ingredients for the marinade. Set aside 1/4 cup (65 ml) of the marinade and pour the rest over the sliced tomatoes. Marinate them for at least 1 hour.

In a mixing bowl, combine the cheese with the cream and work them into a smooth, creamy consistency that will spread easily. Mix in the rosemary and spread the cheese mixture over the cooled pie crust.

Arrange the drained tomato slices in a single-layered circular pattern over cheese mixture, using the large slices for the outside and one slice for the middle. Fill in between the rows of large tomatoes with halved cherry tomatoes. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Just before serving, glaze the tomatoes with the remaining 1/4 cup (65 ml) of the marinating mixture. Serves 6 as an appetizer.


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wonders never cease