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wonders never cease Saturday, September 25, 2010

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2010welcome {swappin'} weekend - and hello, dolly!

September seems to have been on vacation this week, giving hot & steamy July another crack at it. But our weekend is cool:

+ A Very Special Edition of Pancake Day kicked it off, guest starring one of the bAntAktor dolls from Severina Mladenova's Pop-Up Shop last evening in our garden (this particular doll has not left the side of a certain pancake-loving girl lucky enough to attend last night's party). Each doll is handmade of recycled cotton yarn by women from Phayao, a province in the mountain highlands of northern Thailand, through a local cooperative. Stay tuned for much more about these wonderful little creations soon.
+ Next up: the InSeries' latest production, a double-bill of Trouble in Tahiti and Casino Paradise, featuring one of our mustachioed staff. The production involves marital strife, gambling, Tahiti & Paradise. Something for everyone, really.
+ Tomorrow, we're swappin'! That's right: swappin'. Join us for the first ever Proper Swap. Get the details. Come swap with the cool kids. (How many times can we say "swap" in one post? SWAP!)
+ And, 99-degrees-in-September days be damned, we're wrapping ourselves in Mongolian cashmere and setting the AC to 50.



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