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wonders never cease Saturday, October 31, 2009

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st, 2009 it's raining style

marleneabbyss/tastemaker BDL-747739 Who's on BDL:DC so far? Wait - did you ask "what is BDL:DC?" Even though we keep gabbing about it? OK, listen up, then take a peek at the great-looking group.

Here's what happened. We here at Proper Topper - and the guys & gals over at that hub of cool, Farinelli's - were getting pretty bored with the same coiffed-within-an-inch-of-their-lives, power-suited ladies and gents we keep seeing on those other lists. We like the real people better: the ones who can wear vintage with Valentino, grandpa's beret with a cashmere coat, their boyfriend's jeans with Tracy Reese. So, one day quite recently, we decided to start the Hunt for stylish people - like YOU. And some of these people: BDL Morgan Hungerford jian deleon

Don't you agree? What? You have better suggestions up your sleeve? Cool. We love a good debate. Here's what to do: email your pic or pics of nominees (yes, you can nominate yourself!) to OR post a pic directly to the BDL:DC Facebook group (don't forget to join!) to jump in the mix. And add comments! Let us know what you think. OR, if you're feeling a bit shy (although we can't imagine why - look at you!), email and we'll post for you. Bravado and anonymity, all at once. Submissions are open through November 15th.

Announcements coming soon:
Our Very Cool BDL:DC Panel, the experts who'll help us choose the final List of 13.
Photo-Shoot Opportunities at Proper Topper and Farinelli's; a chance for List nominees to be photographed in full-on Style, taking advantage of our oh-so-well-stocked closets.


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