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wonders never cease Saturday, June 5, 2010

SATURDAY, JUNE 5th, 2010welcome *hot* weekend.

Three Rs and a couple of Ss:

+ Reading! From Milk + Bookies to DC Literati to scores of new titles in store, it's been a reading-themed week. As always, we wonder what you're reading. {Well? Do tell, we'll add it to our summer list!}reading+ Writing! These balmy nights (when you can't sleep because it's so darn hot) are the perfect time to sit right down & write yourself a letter (or card - maybe to Dad?!) For those times an email just won't do. (Speaking of cards ... don't forget to get Dad a little surprise or two while you're at it.)letter+ 'Rithmetic! We're adding up a lot of treats and excitement for Proper Topper's 20th anniversary at the end of the month. TWENTY. Wow, and yikes. Stay tuned!twenty + Stretch Guerilla yoga, baby. Michael Hall of miDCity Yoga is going to lead us in some morning yoga in the garden this summer. Wanna join us?

+ Sunday Silliness Play Time recommences at 11 am. Bubbles. Dancing. Story reading. Fun.

The end.


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