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wonders never cease Saturday, July 31, 2010

SATURDAY, JULY 31st, 2010welcome {imaginary vacation} weekend.

worldmapAnother week, another month, another season. We're sneaking towards cooler weather, hard as that is to believe, so get in your vacations while you can. Let's take a journey through the various exotic outposts that inspire some of our favorite things. We can't all go jetting off to distant lands, but we can dream... + Zanzibar: beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, a stop on the ol' Spice Trail, and these bags. + Madagascar: beautiful beaches, rain forests, lemurs, and these bags. + Brazil: beautiful beaches, the Portuguese language, rain forests, macaws, and fresh designs. + Bali: beautiful beaches (what else?), volcanoes, coral reefs, and indigenous artisans. + Kashmir: stunning mountains (no beaches, this time), soft wool, exquisite landscapes, and handmade craftsmanship. + Budapest: the Danube, water caves, city lights, and Hungarian embroidery. + Your imagination. That'll take you anywhere.


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