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wonders never cease Saturday, January 30, 2010

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30th, 2010 a fashion monger's query

109peekaboo_marcjacobsCome, sit with us. Let's talk. The subject: fashion. It's a big part of what we do here. BUT.

We sometimes wonder: Is fashion too frivolous for the world today? Is it anachronistic (to wit, the annual January "resort" collection designers still produce for some theoretical audience who wishes to purchase a collection of resort wear for January travel. We must assume they travel also with steamer trunks and tiny dogs on rhinestone leashes).

In a couple of weeks, we'll witness the unveiling of American designers' Fall 2010 collections. The buzz will begin about the "in" that must replace the "out" from last season - before the bills for the "out" have even been paid, of course. It can all seem appallingly disrespectful, particularly in "this economy" (a phrase we can't wait to see retired). We're smart and hardworking. We value things deeper than the clothes on our back, don't we? We don't need to spend -- or, in the retailer's case, ASK customers to spend -- a mortgage payment on a blouse because it's the latest statement, do we?

What's that? Well, yes. We do love to see the way designers express artistic visions through their collections. Even more, we love to watch people express themselves through fashion, be it new or old or totally unrelated to what is "in."

So, there's this: Fashion is fun. It is creative. It is art.

Tell us, what do you think?

Oh, by the way, the images above, both from Spring 2010, are a sort of visual guide to where we will and won't go as fashion mongers: on the left, a Tracy Reese jacket whose boldness and vintage spirit we love, and whose refusal to address any particular trend of the moment won us over (it arrived in our shops yesterday). On the right, a peek-a-boo suit from Marc Jacobs which, though not bowing to any particular trend, expresses a point of view that just seems misogynistic and dumb. Its price tag is slightly higher than that of our first automobile, and it will not be arriving in our shops.

Again - thoughts?


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