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wonders never cease Saturday, January 2, 2010

SATURDAY, JANUARY 2nd, 2010 madam, i am adam. able i was ere i saw…etc.

01022010-1 Nobody loves palindromes like me. Growing up with a palindrome for a name (and not a lot of hobbies...), it was a thrill to spot other palindromic words and sentences, sweetly-balanced arrangements of letters or numbers. My Uncle Ross first taught me to celebrate palindromes - only after bringing me to tears by asking me to spell my name ("a-n-n-a"), then tssking "nope, try again, you've got it backwards." Over & over & over.

A gift and a curse, the palindrome passion continued into adulthood: cocktail chatter about my favorite palindromes, interruptions at the theater - "hey, that's a palindrome!," etc. So, imagine my delight at the dawning of this day, 01 02 2010.

Interestingly (to me!), as I trolled for p-drome phrases to share here, I realized that my passion pales in comparison to others', including Mockok.coM, a palindromophile's collection of words & phrases that "numbers 8,730 as of December 18, 2009," including "We prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew" and "Ma, I am a boy: Obama I am" and "O naughty me, tut, it's Bush - substitute, myth, guano." (?!?)

And so, with a bow to the masters, Happy Palindrome Day (or yademord nilapy ppah)!


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