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wonders never cease Saturday, February 13, 2010

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 2010 lovelies for your lovies (oh: want us to whisper in your valentine&#03

518894You've got your mind on your sweetie. Some would argue it should have been there before today. Pffff, we say. You've been busy shoveling and foraging for food and power. So, let us simplify: here are a few sure-to-please treats for her, for him, for little ones.

If you know your beloved has no clue, and you know exactly what you'd like (from PT, of course), give us a shout. We'll drop your clueless lover a little line with sweet & specific directions to the coveted item. Subtle, practical. Simple. 543103kuda_horse_1RoostBookendsAgatetigers_eye_cuffs


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