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wonders never cease Saturday, December 26, 2009

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26th, 2009 love to our big, wonderful family

misteltoe2The day before Christmas, amidst several dozen intent shoppers in our tiny Dupont shop, I stole a quiet moment to soak in the faces. Many of them I've known for a decade or longer - through job changes, moves, marriages, new babies, growing children. Scores of such folks have come to us in the past few weeks. During a year when purchases are necessarily cautious and strategic, it means the world to me that so many long-time customers walked through our doors. I'm deeply grateful to them for making us part of their holiday tradition.

Of course, business benefits from this support. But, as I looked around, I thought about how much I personally look forward to seeing all of these faces each year. To getting news and updates and sharing my own. I love hearing how gifts went over (we are always SO curious to know!). And I wonder which of this year's new customers will become old friends, too.

Happy holidays, all, and thank you for being part of our lives!


{And THANK YOU to my wonderful staff who make me so proud - and make me smile! - every day.}


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