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wonders never cease Saturday, April 3, 2010

SATURDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2010 pancake day memories

pancake_breakfast_4pancake_breakfast_5As it is in many homes across our land, Saturday is pancake day in ours. It is a very big deal and will remain so until my daughter realizes that the passionately-awaited pancakes are in fact whole-wheat, low-cal microwaved specialties that take 40 seconds to cook. And have 20 calories. And that the teeny amount of syrup I top them with is similarly de-sugared, etc. And then, I will supplant her memories with these (via Design*Sponge.) and she shall surely believe that we celebrated thusly each week.

Coming up tomorrow...the lavish Easter brunch fake memories I'm scheming up. eggcups2


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