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wonders never cease Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Proper Getaway: Martha’s Vineyard

As we steep in the thick murky brew that is July/Washington DC, we find ourselves dreaming of friends' magical journeys. Come, armchair travel with us.

First stop: Martha's Vineyard with the sweetest traveling circus ever.

Annie Lou and MJ Berman and their 4 children (8-year-old Charlie, 6-year-old Teddy and 4-year-old twins Scottie and Nellie) have decamped to the Vineyard for the summer ... well, various combinations of them for various parts of the summer, with various grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins ... all adding to the {sweet} circus-like atmosphere.

Annie Lou is a Tastemaker (though she's going to hate being called that I'm pretty sure), a writer/editor/blogger/photographer, a fellow longtime DC Public Library Foundation supporter, and a great friend.

Here are her answers to the PT Questionnaire:

Favorite smells? Saltwater, the fresh produce at Morning Glory, the smell of suncreen on the children.

Best overheard snippets? "This water is so so wet" and "I saw the elegant Ted Danson at the pizza place. It isn't summer up here until I spot Ted Danson."

Favorite sounds? I love the sound of the water, of the fans, of the kids in the water -- they lull you into bliss. But it was cute to see my friend's daughter who was here for the first time shudder when she first heard the ferry boat horn across the harbor from where she was playing.

Absorbing summer reads? Between the repeated readings of Bonjour Camille, Worst in Show and If I Ran the Zoo to small listeners, I have gotten in a few pages of Music for Chameleons. 

Exciting animal sightings? An adorable flock of sheep in a field filled with wire sculpture in Chilmark (the sheep were amazing, the wire not so much) and the turkey families with little babies that roam around. 

Most magical moments? Watching The Fabulists perform in the woods, dancing with the littles during an outdoor concert at Featherstone, playing in mud ponds off a bluff in Chilmark with the kids, my god daughter and close friends -- it was like being in a remote spa where you could see nothing put sand, mud, and the most extensive ocean, waking in the morning to water right outside your window, basking in the freedom that the children have to explore the water and outdoors, and mostly sitting and looking out at the water surrounded by family and my children who are at their happiest with their grandparents and family here.

Favorite adventures? We have lots of small adventures like taking the kids out on a paddle board with me and being alone in the water with each one of them at a time; the boys jumping off piers and swimming out to floating docks on their own; the girls totally at home swimming in the water; Teddy falling in love with tennis; the kids going into the Chop Shop at the West Chop Club to buy candy on their own; finding whelks, crabs and urchins in the water...

Most exciting things you've eaten? It's a toss up between the carrot puree spread from State Road and the peach salad from The Sweet Life Cafe

Wait, or the espresso gelato from Fella's, Enchanted Chocolate (made by a witch). If you asked the kids, though, they would say pancakes from The Little House Cafe and Ring Pops.

Shopping discoveries? Though my main goal here is to hang out on the beach and in the water, I do go shopping and usually find a couple amazing things. I have to keep myself from buying incense, crystals and ill-fitting natural fiber clothing that is far too hippie of a vibe to look good on me and really only work up here...but I did find amazing Helmut Lang leggings and an Issa blouse at The Great Put On. Mikel Hunter also has these great bags from Israel made of vegan leather (aka vinyl). And my mother-in-law bought Scottie and Nelly the cutest skirts by a local designer sold at Citrine. Nochi is also one of my most favorite stores in the world-everything is so subtly luxurious and lovely in an understated way.

I can't wait for: August to go to the Cinema Circus and visit my friend (and your neighbor) Sarah Nixon over at her Inns.


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