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wonders never cease Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pink October Rolls into November

We've been telling you a lot lately about our PROPER IN PINK campaign: 20% of all DCProper and pink fascinator sales are going to the Lombardi Cancer Center's Breast Health Center at Medstar Georgetown Hospital. We're continuing that effort through November. One reason for our increased focus this year: breast cancer just became more personal. Here goes ...

On a Sunday in August, as I was trying to decide whether to venture into my steambath of a garden, I crossed my arms. The ordinary moment changed as I brushed up against a strange lump.

I spent the evening waffling between concern and certainty that it was nothing. But on Monday, the appointments, tests, surgeries and infusions that have populated the past two months began. It was breast cancer. With the support of an incredible community of friends, staff, and a great medical team, surgery is done, chemo is underway, and radiation will come along in springtime.

I was reluctant to talk much about all of this at first, not wanting to call too much attention to myself and my family, whom I trusted would help me face this capably. They have.

As time has passed, though, I've been amazed and awed by the number of people who have generously shared their time, experiences, cooking talents, and love. It is simultaneously shocking and comforting that so many friends have been through this themselves, and that EVERYONE has a friend, a relative, a colleague who has had breast cancer.  It is a huge, non-exclusive club.

We all honor the new members with our help and our voices.

By talking about what's going on with me and my family right now, I hope to keep paying forward the love and advice that's been shared with us. And, in the lemonade from lemons department, I am happy that this provides an opportunity to hone my knowledge about chemo headwear. I've advised customers about these choices for many years, but, now, as I lose my hair, I am learning things I was just flat wrong about, and things I wish I'd known to share.

I'll be featuring my favorite headwear picks and recommendations -- as well as my fails -- here on the blog. I also have some cozy chemo wear inspiration, gifts that friends going through chemo would like, and ideas for caregivers, too. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to share with anyone you think might need it, and please know how much your support and love can help someone walking this path. It is immeasurably better with a little help from your friends.

- Anna
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wonders never cease