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wonders never cease Friday, March 6, 2015

New to the Shop: Trixie & Milo

We're pleased as punch to offer up these quirky flasks from Trixie & Milo, designed by the husband, Milo, and hand-finished by the wife, Trixie, in Portland, Oregon. These delightful vessels are substantial enough to hold 8 ounces of your favorite bevvy, but sleek enough to slip in your bag for sipping on the go. Plus, they're packaged in a cool box for handy gift-giving. We're thinking they're the perfect little pick-me-up for the recently snowbound.

Especially fetching: the Dupont Bicyclette, proclaiming "Revolution Velocipedique!," and the St. Patrick's-Day-appropriate Luck of the Irish, pitching "Faith and Luck are all you need." With that as your motto, imbibe away. (Responsibly, of course...)


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wonders never cease