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wonders never cease Friday, May 5, 2017

Nancy and Beth and Megan and Stephanie

Our pals Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt, AKA Nancy and Beth, have a knack for combining their jaw dropping vocal talents, their razor sharp comedy chops and their wickedly mischievous love of flying in the face of societal norms. While they could probably put their abundance of talents to work saving the planet and eradicating evil, for now they have settled for creating a charming and hilarious live show and a delightfully pleasing new LP. We plan to be front and center for the show Monday night at U St Music Hall, and you can bet that we'll be going home with a copy of the new LP, hot off the presses. We suggest that you all join us, unless, of course, you don't enjoy having fun. If our testimony to their awesomeness isn't enough for the fun-loving but skeptical among you, have a gander at this first video from the album. See for yourselves, these babes rock.


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wonders never cease