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wonders never cease Monday, October 5, 2009

MONDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2009 our (not-so) secret crush

mad-menWe've watched Mad Men since the moment it first aired. We love the period precision, the style, the hats, the cultural references, and the undoubtedly very skewed take on reality. (There is that lingering hunger for something to actually happen, but much can be forgiven in return for the lush images served up.) However, ours must remain a secret love.

The problem is, it feels just downright unseemly to be part of a cult following. Where did all of these other folks come from, horning in on our '60s fascination? Do they, like us, own a 1964-issue black patent Barbie case, inhabited by a 1964 (disheveled) bouffant-haired Barbie, stewardess edition? A 1964 World s Fair keychain (a mod gold globe)? A wardrobe of '60s-era cocktail dresses?

Besides, what about the wild contrast between the show's 1963 black desk phones and the Mad Men Cult's cell phones and laptops, or the frantic tweeting about their every thought/impression throughout the broadcast? Isn't that dichotomous? Or is it actually a common thread: an artificial conversation about the artificial world depicted in an allegedly artificial time? Still...we can't wait for next week's episode. Shhhhh.


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