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wonders never cease Monday, October 19, 2009

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2009 a bag full of history

498102erin-templetontote-XL Imagine a bag so soft and inviting, you feel like you've known it in a previous life. Well, you might have. Erin Templeton makes all of her handbags by hand, using recycled leather and vintage materials, and putting a good dose of loving attention into each bag. She continually hunts and gathers "new" old leather and findings so that the re-creation can continue. Her custom-made bags require a bit of time. Trust us, they are quite worth the wait.

Erin Templeton, atop the bike with beaming visage (above), was born in Vancouver, Canada. After a stint studying shoemaking at Cordwainer's College in London, Erin returned to Vancouver, where she now lives and works. Her bags - and Proper Topper - are featured in Daily Candy today. Come see the wonders we have on hand. We'll gladly get a custom order underway for you, as well.


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