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wonders never cease Monday, November 30, 2009

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, 2009 dear advice for the gift-lorn: i'm secret-snowman flummoxed!

large_28373_pillar_masala2_blood_or[1]image_jonessoda_2008_halloween_bloodorange_bottle1NeoclesMatchBooksAnother Gift-Lorn shopper saved from the throes of mall wandering! Here's how we helped:

Dear Advice for the Gift-Lorn,
Okay… here’s a puzzler for you. I’m a freshman in college and my dorm hallway is doing a Secret Snowman. The girl I’m supposed to buy a gift for lives on the opposite end of the hallway and I don’t know her very well (which is to say, not at all). Do you have any ideas for mass-appeal gifts at college-friendly prices? HELP!
Searching Snowman

Dear Searching Snowman,
Oh, the fun – and the agony – of the secret santa (although we love the Secret Snowman twist!). You don’t REALLY know the person…you want to be generous (if only cheaply so), you don’t want to presume or – heaven forbid – offend. OK, we’ve got just the thing: a Skeem candle – soy-based, and hand-poured in a beautiful painted glass jar! Add matches from several of your favorite local spots (in case she’s newer to the area than you?), and a bottle of juice in a flavor that coordinates with the scent you choose (like blood orange, jasmine tea or pomegranate). Tie a note onto the bow explaining that the jar becomes a drinking glass once the candle’s done.
Hope your Secret Snowman has something great up his sleeve for you!
xo, Gift-Lorn


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