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wonders never cease Monday, June 6, 2011

hats off!: cornel.

logoOur Hats Off! series continues with a tribute by Cornel to her dear old dad. (And remember---you can send us a photo and a bit about your father to be included in Hats Off!) cornel Tell us a little about your father. My dad, Jan van Zyl, is the most unique person you will ever run into. And by run into, I mean you will literally bump into him at the grocery store as a complete stranger, have the best conversation with him for half an hour, and leave wondering if you knew him from somewhere. The guy makes an impression! Granted, he is a people's person, being a Human Resources Consultant and all. You might make the mistake of thinking it is just a great skill set he acquired through the years, when in fact it is just his true uncensored personality that draws people to him. capitalOn my parents' recent trip to the Capitol of the USA (their first time here), he told me that his biggest dream was to have children, and how it was the best thing that ever happened to him. (Kind of soppy, I know, but to think they had to fly half way around the world to tell me this little tid bit of information just before my 30th birthday was so touching). Of course he didn't really have to tell me this, because it has been very apparent for 29 years! I often look back and cringe when I think of all the tennis lessons, netball games, choir recitals, school plays etc, that the poor guy had to endure. Not to mention a lot of high pitched giggling teenage girlfriends I subjected him to (what can be worse?).

CornelandTy0910My friends all love my Pa, and whenever he would visit, there would always be a glimmer of hope in their eyes that they would be the chosen ones to come over for dinner to bask in his company. Time spent with him is sure to be fun filled to the brim. Unfortunately for him, he raised me to be very curious, to dream and to chase happiness. Which is what lead me to leave my family and homeland and follow my heart in a new adventure called marriage.

rhinocerosHow would you two spend Father's Day together? We would probably drive out to the Game Reserve just outside of our hometown. Spend a few hours driving around looking for the rhino and stop at the designated spot to have a 'braai' (the Afrikaans version of a cookout or bbq). I'll also make sure that my brother's son comes along for the day. My dad is the proudest grandpa and just loves that child to bits! I guess this year he'll have to settle for a skype conversation.

What are you thinking of giving him for Father's Day? The cubebot (which I already gave to him!). He loves mind puzzles, and so do I! A great little gift that will keep him, and everyone else entertained. cornel_2

"Thanks for supporting me in every way Pappie. You are the best! Ek is lief vir jou."


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