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wonders never cease Monday, January 4, 2010

MONDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2010 ooh, baby, it's cold…so why not think sweltering august?

Tracy-Reese-Fashion-Show-Spring-2010-1Tracy-Reese-Fashion-Show-Spring-2010-2It's so cold our fingers can barely type, yet we're hopping up to New York (even colder!) to buy collections that'll roll in the door in July and August. "Pre-Fall" in the trade. Yikes. Like hamsters on the ol' wheel, we keep scrambling as fast as we can to bring you the most wondrous new fashions! (Perhaps the first use of a hamster anology in fashion, I'm guessing...) Tracy Reese's frocks look quite lovely, don't they? We'll give you more scoop from the road about what the designers are dishin' .

In the meantime, to make our voyage possible while also giving some staff much-needed post-holiday time off , we'll be closing our Georgetown shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 5th & 6th. Our Dupont shop - and our online shop! - will be open for business as usual.

Off to see the sights of summer! Any requests?


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