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wonders never cease Monday, February 8, 2010

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 2010 we will, we will WARM you.

dulce de leche coffeeBefore you settle in for the long haul (yup, another blizzard with 10 - 20 inches expected...c'mon, Mother Nature, we give!!), come see us in our cozy shops. We'll bundle you up in warm hats, gloves, scarves, AND we'll give you $5 (with a $25 purchase). Go treat yourself to a hot beverage before you head home! Today and tomorrow.

When you get home, whip up some Dulce de Leche Coffee. Yumm. This recipe is from The Pioneer Woman, who says she's a pansy about the cold (we sort of doubt it, she seems tough). We won't admit to being pansies ourselves, but 2+ feet of snow calls for rewarding of one's fortitude as often possible. Spiked drinks all around! Cheers.


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