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wonders never cease Monday, December 21, 2009

MONDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2009 gift combos: the grand finale.

(Cue up big fireworks, oohs & aahhhs). In these last few days before Christmas, we're rolling out our all-time favorites: gifts that combine personal experiences with special artifacts to make a big, juicy memory of a gift for the folks you love. Here are today's selections in literary, music-loving, and can't-ever-seem-to-find-the-time-to-relax-and-chat themes.

We'd love to hear about your favorites! Send us your gift stories (given & gotten), and we'll be honored to feature them right here.bookendsplussignlibrarycdplussignlibrarytext gigplussignmusictextplussignticket origamitextplussignteapotplussignorigami


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