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wonders never cease Monday, December 20, 2010

MONDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 2010cool yule jewels.

Holiday parties. They're happening as we speak (or type, know what we mean). And they culminate with the biggest party of the year: New Year's Eve. ARE YOU READY?! Don't worry! We came up with a handy survival guide to lead you through the minefield.

(Because we're deadly serious and dramatic about accessorizing.)

The after-party at the Gogol Bordello show calls for a rock-and-roll feather necklace, yes?

Step it up a notch for dancing at the Kennedy Center with dazzling dangles:

"But I'm not GOING to a fancy party! Bill and Kit invited us over for fondue and mulled wine. I'm wearing jeans and a tee shirt, lest I drip hot cheese all over a new cocktail dress," you say? THAT IS NO EXCUSE. You're ringing in the new year, for crying out loud. Jazz up even the simplest of outfits with a festive bib necklace:

Even if you're wearing this:


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