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wonders never cease Sunday, July 3, 2016


As we ease into midsummer, we're looking forward to the lazy-ish days and fun escapes ahead, mindful that they'll roll by quickly. We plan to document get-aways and adventures -- our own and others' -- but first, we forge on with the second and final week of our 26TH anniversary sale and an Homage to the Aughts (which rolled by quickly). Our sale is reminiscent of the HUGE PATIO SALES that defined the first decade of this century in our Georgetown shop. We're serving bubbly refreshments reminiscent of the bubbles that flew up and over the garden wall at that shop every Saturday morning at Play Time. And we're playing our 22-hour play list of favorite songs we were listening to back then. Come see us if you can, and meanwhile, you can find the play list here. Hope you enjoy listening to it in your midsummer revelry.


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wonders never cease