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wonders never cease Friday, January 18, 2013

It has a pocket.

Far be it from us to brag, but we've been quoted in The Wall Street Journal (ahem .. front page!), discussing Washington, DC, fashion trends. The hottest right now? Pockets, obviously. (We're sure we talked about various trends ... brocade! embroidery! peplums!  ... yet The Pocket seems to have been plucked from our pearls to illustrate Edginess, DC-Style.)

Here, "There's an age-old need, or burden, to dress in a way that's not going to raise eyebrows," says Tara McCredie, manager and buyer at Proper Topper, a boutique in Dupont Circle. So when it comes to dressy affairs, "We try to bring women along slowly, give them a little bit more edge…like this dress," she said, holding up a plain black sleeveless sheath with discreet white checks. "It has a pocket."

Oh, DC, you are such a fashion plate. What's next? Ruching? Exposed zippers? ONE SHOULDER DRESSES? New York and Milan, take note. We have pockets now. Our passion for fashion is unstoppable.


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wonders never cease