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wonders never cease Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Host Guide: For the Gents

The Gentleman Host: He's welcoming you into his home. He's serving you dinner and sharing his private reserve. Good grief, he's probably even letting you stay in his guest room. And yet, his reward is a thank you note, or perhaps something from the "hostess gift" section in the supermarket (read: the fancy Pepperidge Farm cracker assortment).

May we submit some gifts worthy of your fine host:

1. Brew Bar, $10   2. Mortar + Pestle, $40   3. Bottle Axe, $22   4. Distilled, $19.99   5. Tequila Shooter Set, $64   6. Tallow Candlestick, $42   7. Carlsberg Tumbler Set, $22   8. Canvas Wine + Beverage Canteen, $24


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wonders never cease