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wonders never cease Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hats Off to Dad!

Our "Hats Off to Dad!" series (first-person tributes to all-time great dads -- you can still submit your own here!) continues with Sarah, the newest member of our team -- just look at this adorable photo, for crying out loud:

Growing up, my favorite tradition with my dad was our weekly date to Starbucks on Friday mornings before school. He'd get an Americano and I'd order a hot chocolate (peppermint, if the season was right). We'd have twenty minutes for just the two of us every week and I absolutely loved that time. Today, we both order Americanos and we chat on the phone as he drives to work in Denver and I head to the office here in DC. My dad is one of the most hard-working, honest, and intelligent people I know. To unwind, we love to spend time in the kitchen together because he loves to cook and, most importantly, I love to eat. Cooking is my dad's favorite way to relax and we always have fun during a wasted afternoon in the kitchen. Traditions like these have taught me the importance of appreciating the time spent with the people you love. My dad is also a wine aficionado so the Wine Bites cookbook is a perfect Father's Day gift for him. I'll look forward to hearing about his favorites, because even 1700 miles apart we still love to share our forays into the world of good food and drink!


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wonders never cease