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wonders never cease Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let it Grow

Don't know about you, but we love watching seeds turn into full-blown plants. Come these gloomy winter days when spring seems sooo far away. .. well, "love" might not accurately depict things; it's more a giddy obsession. We rush to check the seedlings every morning ... and evening ... and several times in between. Can nature really be so magical? Can tiny specks truly become beautiful herbs pretty much right before watching eyes? YES + YES = Spring Will Come Again.

Come, enjoy/obsess with us! We planted this awesome new self-watering Modern Sprout herb sack today, so check back here (and on instagram) to watch the magic unfold. Here's hoping it looks as pretty as Modern Sprout's (below). Within a few days: lemon basil and sage and dill ... oh my! We're already gathering recipes for our harvest. 


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wonders never cease