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wonders never cease Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gift Stories: The Wireless Speaker

The beginning of the story is always exciting: a kind shopper, a carefully chosen gift, infused with hope and good wishes ... but there we remain, us curious salesfolk, wondering -- was it loved? And what happened next?

This holiday season, we pestered customers to let us know the rest of their gift stories. Nice reports are coming in, and we'll share some as the month wears on. But, first up: a personal victory! The recipient: the guy who has -- or has sourced and found the best price for and placed in his Amazon shopping cart -- everything he wants. The gift: a new-to-the-market, unique, retro-inspired, leather-covered wireless Bluetooth speaker.

HUGE hit! Amazing sound, completely portable, works like a dream for all of the various devices he carts around. In fact, it's in action on vacation right now.



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wonders never cease