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wonders never cease Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Guide: Pour ma Cousine

Assistant manager Sara has gathered favorites for her francophile cousin in today's edition of our Staff Picks Gift Guide. And if you like what you're seeing in these posts, why not give our Santa Services a spin? Simply email us ( with your list, and we'll give you our expert advice!

1. 36 Hours in Europe, $39.99  2. Ciao Nina "Be Mine" Bobbies, $15  3. Delux "Carmen" Floppy, $44  4. Faux Fur Muffler/Purse, $46  5. Soirée Champagne Glasses, $28 each  6. Leather Passport Cover, $15  7. Rifle Paper Co. Coaster Set, $18  8. Le Petit Prince 2013 Planner, $17.95-$24.95  9. Darling "Lillie" Skirt, $105


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wonders never cease