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wonders never cease Saturday, September 4, 2010

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2010welcome {labor day} weekend.

Hear that? "Whoooshhhhhh." Summer, whizzing by. (Luckily, NOT Earl ...)via ffffound_2_Design Crushvia fffound_8_Design Crushsummer.dockcantaloupe.cooler + A toast to Eternal Summer:
"you know, lately i've been thinking, if you told me summer was to last forever, i'd almost believe you, i'd almost wish it so.
if you told me the days wouldn't end where i could wear my bathing suit 'til dusk and watch the sunset past nine. if you told me that farmer's markets would stay open and figs would stay ripe ... "

-- via forty-sixth at grace

We lift an end-of-summer cocktail to the deliciously peaceful pace of summer; the brisk bustle of fall beckons, but we want to linger here a bit.

+ A nod to endings and beginnings ...
and the launch of a new season. The bell has rung, so our get-ready-for-school kids' book & clothing sale ends Monday. Scoop up deals while they last, and peek at wonderful new arrivals.

+ A wink at new-fall-finery bribery ...

which works wonders to ease end-of-summer angst. Like: "Ginny", a Preloved sweater (sleeveless, so not impossible to imagine oneself wearing in a week or two), pieced together from preloved, recycled sweaters.


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