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wonders never cease Saturday, September 18, 2010

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, 2010welcome {back}, weekend.

Nostalgia floods in from all around this week: fashion, objects, books take us back.

+ The Timeless Dress, a black-and-white-all-over sheath. Mysteriously, moodily Hitchcockian and perfect for autumnal events that pepper the calendar.modern.rose + Penguin classics, the ones that always made me want to neglect all other homework and read & read. Now, they make me want to neglect aforementioned calendar-peppering events (and read & read). And they're gorgeously bound, so even lovelier to get lost in. Tess of the D'Urbervilles, we've got a date. penguin.classics + The domed glass paperweight on my grandmother's coffee table always SO fascinated (and sort of scared) me. So does this guy, and I love him. A new arrival worth checking out.frog + Its time has come {again}: the Fedora rules. (Despite our friend Walker Lamond's fighting words as one of our Style Panelists last week: "I hope the trend will pass soon ... " Ouch! A knife to a milliner's heart.) "Style must serve a function to make sense."fedoras (Really, Walker, the Bowtie but not the Fedora?!?)lamonds

+ This New Yorker profile of quirky style phenom Tavi makes me think of 14-year-old me, but in Oklahoma, not Oak Park, and without internet or a blog, so ... not internationally-noted, just odd and thrift-shop-scavenging and Tootsie-bespectacled.tavi.newyorker


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