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wonders never cease Friday, November 5, 2010

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, 2010nostalgia.

Do you ever take an after-dinner stroll and think, "My goodness, wouldn't gas-lit lamps be positively charming on this street?" Do you long for the days of dapper gents who wore hats and beards (and not of the current hipster variety, but rather, of the Mad Men ilk)? What happened to handwritten thank you notes, driving gloves, and rubber-band balls? Why do we no longer celebrate eccentricity or porcelain skin? Where did all of the wishing wells go?

Enter our favorite new reference book, Lesley M. M. Blume's Let's Bring Back: An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-yet-Delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By. We love this quirky, fascinating read. Ms. Blume (who sounds like she, herself, stepped out of days gone by, but is in fact an of-the-moment New York City journalist) has inspired us to run off to play the piano while wearing a corset and glamour slippers (photo currently not available), but we'll leave you with a taste:

"We all know about American drive-in movie theaters, but I'm willing to bet that you've never heard of the FLY-IN theater phenomenon. The first such establishment was reportedly opened in 1948 by a former navy pilot named Ed Brown, Jr.; inspired by the growth spurt being enjoyed by the drive-in industry, he came up with the idea of courting customers with small private planes to capitalize on Americans' midcentury love affair with aviation. His Wall Township, New Jersey, fly-in could accommodate twenty-five small planes and helicopters and five hundred cars; unfortunately, the enterprise fizzled, leaving today's private plane owners to languish in regular movie theaters.

Despite the general outlandishness of the concept, it still sounds like a grand night to me; someone must revive the fly-in."

Who knew?


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