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wonders never cease Friday, November 27, 2009

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 2009 gifts for the seriously-hard-to-buy-for: installment 3 (aka: advice for

10126 P page57_a I9 by roost516WfREcuLL__SS500_ homeart We think the day after Thanksgiving is a fine day to keep being thankful for all the good things - including NOT having to fight masses of holiday shoppers. However, it's also a fine day to start pondering possible gifts. Put your feet up and give us the heavy lifting, like: our Gift-Lorn shopper who emailed wanting suggestions for her best friend and his family, who're hosting her and her family for a New Year's stay. Her friends/hosts have EVERYTHING, she assured us. But, further investigation led us to learn these helpful tidbits: they love cheese, and they love to entertain.

We came up with a gift idea we love so much, we're going to be sending it to OUR cheese-loving bffs. (Stop reading now if you suspect yourself of being our bff. And put down the cheese.) We begin with The World Cheese Book, a compendium of all information cheese-related; add a set of marble-handled cheese untensils (an entertainer can never have too many interesting servers), a cheese tray (also marble, so lovely); AND a membership to the Cowgirl Creamery's Cheese Club (unique, hard-to-find artisan and farmstead cheeses delivered directly to the home!).

Hold your applause. Many more masterpiece gifts to come. Go ahead and send us your puzzlers - we're ready!


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