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wonders never cease Friday, March 12, 2010

FRIDAY, MARCH 12th, 2010 sss! the call of bargains.

972132963279963625963146953152Sssssss. The seasoned shopper in the District recognizes the call of the Spring Sample Sale. Like the time change (can't wait!), the blazing forsythia and the ominously approaching busloads of nimble-footed middle-schoolers, the District Sample Sale is a rite of passage. It marks the end of the winter season, time to call it a day with some favorites and hurry them out the door to make room for glorious spring. (They're not "samples" at all, by the way - they're our regular inventory, all sizes. "Sample Sale" mimics the NY designers' supersales. Ours is WAY better!)

It's a bittersweet affair for us. We gaze at the beautiful specimens we'll be offering for PENNIES on the dollar, and we recall what high hopes we had for each ... we still adore them. (Take a peek above at just a few of the lovelies. And below: we haven't forgotten the little ones, left behind while you forage for fashion.) Yes ... the time has come to part. Enough of the bitter! Here's the sweet: CityDance Early Arts will benefit from the evening's ticket sales.

You'll have to join us Tuesday to scoop up these deeply-discounted treasures, but we can tease you with this: all shown here will be more than 60% off original prices, some more than 80%! If you're not in the area, but you love the idea of these bargains - really, who wouldn't? - stay tuned. What remains after the Sample Sale will reside, while it lasts, in our clearance section.986421982310


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