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wonders never cease Friday, June 17, 2011

hats off!: anna.

logoFather's Day is all of two days away, but we're going to keep honoring our dads through the end of the month. So send us your tribute, and make your father smile. For today's edition: Proper Topper owner Anna's ode to her dear dad.
"His love for his family is fierce, and he shows it in countless ways."

Tell us about your dad.
My dad, Donald Louis Fuhrman, is brave, smart, generous, witty and noble. Although he had every reason to tell my sisters and me about how much harder things were when he was growing up, he never did. Well, sometimes ... to counter complaints about trivial matters, he'd jokingly offer "I had to walk 30 miles through snow and ice to get to school ..." -- which, in Oklahoma, of course, he didn't. But he did grow up during the Depression, with his mom and his grandparents in the small railroad town of El Reno. His own father, Louis Fuhrman, died when my dad was just an infant.
anna_beachMy dad was a soldier in World War II and was awarded a purple heart. I don't think I've ever told him how proud I am. I've told my little girl, and she tells her friends about her brave grandpa.
What else makes you proud of your dad?
Many things, but here are a few: He's funny. He does complex math calculation in his head. He is a great story teller. And he's deeply kind. He and his bride (of 64 years now) live still in the house where I grew up. As a parent now myself, I am continually in awe of the incredible life they built for their family when they grew up with such different lives themselves.
What makes your dad laugh?
A good play on words. Wry comedy. His own foibles.
magnumpiHow would you spend Father's Day together?
I'm going to visit him next week (I'll miss Father's Day by a week, but we'll get to celebrate his birthday together!) I hope to spend at least one day relaxing with him, watching some back-to-back episodes of Magnum, PI, or Rockford Files, sipping something cold, and just being together.
What would be a perfect gift for your dad?
Well, he's not a very acquisitive fellow. He always asks for just a card, and I think this would make him smile. And, even though he's a very urban Oklahoman, he gets a kick out of being a "farmer" since he's purchased farm land. I think he'd enjoy wearing this as he walks through the wheat fields.


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