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wonders never cease Friday, June 10, 2011

hats off to dad! join the fun.

mossantWe can't tell you what a delight it has been to read about the dads who've shaped and inspired our readers in our "Hats Off to dear Old Dad" series. And the dads (and their family and friends!) have been pretty delighted, too! From South Africa to the Phillipines, from the Hudson River Valley to North Carolina, dads are smiling.

Wait ... what's that you say? Your dad's the greatest one of all? There's still time to tell us - -and all the world wide web -- about him. Sing us your dad's praises (, and include photos! Be sure to answer the following: 1) tell us what makes your dad so great, 2) what would be the perfect day with him?, and 3) what would be the perfect gift for him? Watch for winning entries here through June 30th.


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