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wonders never cease Saturday, July 3, 2010

FRIDAY, JULY 2nd, 2010a 4th of july short story.

Independence Day in Washington, DC. It can be a pretty hot, humid, crowded affair, but under the rockets' red glare, it's impossible to resist the swelling pride of patriotism.

Once upon a time, I lived here, two blocks from the National Mall. MarketSquareMy address involved the word "penthouse," shades of Eva Gabor, though I did not have a tiny dog. And my view on the 4th of July was this. fireworks-wash_monmtNeedless to say, 4th of July parties were de rigueur, and they were a blast. But the crowds on the Mall are this:crowd_on_mallEventually, one longs for a little less humanity and a little more space. (And one moves.) Last year, my little family watched from a cemetery high on a hill. Turned out to be just as creepy as it sounds. This year, we're going to watch from here:kennedy-center-addressWe're hoping for a spectacular new memory.

Happy Independence Day!


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