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wonders never cease Friday, July 22, 2011

welcome {what’s new!} weekend.

Our sale soldiers on, undeterred by thunderstorms or crippling heat waves. Some new mark-downs (with more to see in the shop!):
+ Hats for kids! Lots of new mark-downs, so scoop up a few to protect your little one from the big, bad sun.
+ Accessories! Like this scarf! And this headband! And this wallet!
+ Jewelry! So pretty.

But we also welcomed some new items that make us think of cooler weather to come. Check out Karen Zambos Vintage Couture (she of the belts!). It's lovely stuff.

So whether you're in the mood for a discounted treat or a new splurge, come see us this weekend! We have cold water and air conditioning and general good cheer. {And then right after you can go to the pool or sit in front of a bucket of ice or whatever...}


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