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wonders never cease Friday, July 20, 2012

welcome weekend.

A blast from the past ... our "Welcome Weekend" posts fell by the wayside months ago. Weekends in retail world tend to roll right into the rest of the week ... but THIS weekend, we (at least part of the Royal We) are decamping to Bethany Beach, and We are happy indeed. Weather says rain every day, but who cares? Cousins will be seen, sparklers will be sparkled, Italian Ices will be consumed on the Boardwalk. And how cool is our friend Tammy's list of great eateries in the area? (And how, in our many trips to the Delaware shore, have we never noticed "Assawoman Bay"?) This hat will be worn, and this fetching dress, and of course, for twirling purposes, this.

The part of the Royal We who will be, quite literally, minding the store will be so appreciated ... watch for postcards, guys, and maybe catch some Fringe Festival.

But some who are being left behind will ... simply await our return.


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