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wonders never cease Friday, January 28, 2011

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28th, 2011welcome {winter-weary} weekend.

We hear that this past week is typically the coldest week of the year. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, but it sure was wintry. And there was snow! It's all enough to make you want to curl in this weekend with crafts and movies and pancakes, looking forward to whatever next week will bring (hopefully nothing of the weather-drama variety---we're almost ready to take a weather version of Dana Milbank's Palin Pledge: no more mention of COLD .. almost).

+ For your snowy day CRAFTernoons:
Everyone's favorite craft- and lifestyle-guru, Martha Stewart, has ideas for old-school valentines and handmade stained-glass hearts. Alas, some of us aren't this crafty. Or maybe some of us are lazy. So some of us resort to store-bought (but still heartfelt) sentiments:
+ Are your nimble fingers tired of cutting and pasting and sewing? Then take a break and catch up on this year's Oscar nominees. Maybe trek out to a matinee, or take a peek at this video, featuring Black Swan tutu designers Rodarte. Yes, it's basically an advertisement for Swarovski, but it's still beautiful.

+ And for your final (or first, or middle, or ALL DAY) snow-day activity: pancakes! Try a little something different, maybe (pine nuts? ricotta?), or go old-fashioned, with a recipe from Miss Helen Hayes, from our favorite new how-rich-people-cooked-for-their-families-in-1940-cookbook.
+ And once the weekend's over, you can look forward to next week's goodies: we'll be posting from the road as we traverse the wilds of New York City in search of the perfect gifts for the shop, and we'll be featuring more expertly-layered folks (email us if you'd like to be photographed!). Until then, bon weekend!


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