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wonders never cease Friday, January 21, 2011

FRIDAY, JANUARY 21st, 2011welcome weekend.

It's been a weird and wild week on Connecticut Avenue. What were we up to, you ask? What's on deck, you wonder? Well, as we say, wonders never cease!
+ There was that day that felt like spring and had us pining for warm weather ahead (not helped by the arrival of some resort-ready dresses in the shop).

+ And there was that suspicious package that had us locked in for an hour while police inspected a left-behind suitcase in front of the Starbucks on the corner. We passed the time playing make-believe. What would we have worn to stay warm en route to the State Dinner? Oscar de la Renta might have scorned us, too, but we would have chosen one of Michelle's favorites, Tracy Reese. Okay, Mr. de la Renta, it wouldn't have been boosting Chinese/American trade, but just LOOK how pretty! And we probably would have stuck with FLOTUS's Alexander McQueen number for the main course.

+ Speaking of Oscar de la Renta, did you know he used to pick up pins for Balenciaga?

+ But alas, we can't all afford designer gowns, so why not pick up some new duds at the National Swap Day event at Nana this weekend? The ticket price and as many items as you want to swap gets you entrance to Nana's new spot in Mt. Pleasant and access to everyone else's goodies. Gained a little too much holiday weight for those skinny jeans? Dyed your hair a color that clashes with your go-to spring jacket? Newly allergic to that gorgeous mohair sweater? Pack them all up, bring them on down, and swap them for something more suitable. (Waaaaay cheaper than Balenciaga.)

+ But maybe you still want something NEW at a fabulous price? Then keep tabs on us because we just love to offer pop-sales and special steals and deals. To wit, we just wrapped up our first Treat Week, so if you missed the exciting, secret, daily offers, follow and fan us to stay apprised! We're likely to surprise you.


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