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wonders never cease Friday, January 14, 2011

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011welcome weekend.

Some really cool stuff out there this week and next, people. Walk with us:

+ We're psyched for DC's Restaurant Week! So psyched, in fact, that we're hitching a ride with that bandwagon and offering a week of special specials of our own. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for the daily offer and secret handshake. Or password. We haven't yet decided which.
dinner party
+ We fell in love with the Selby all over again. (Seriously, just look at Karl Lagerfeld's library.)
+ An amazing video featuring one of our favorite street-fashion bloggers, The Sartorialist. Seven minutes of inspiration, below.

+ Eleven fashion trends that should go the way of the dinosaur. Totally on board with #6, #7, #10 (you know how we feel about jeggings), #11 (ditto harem pants). But #9? They're kind of cute. And you will never take away our stripes (#5)!
+ And from our Proper Topper traveling correspondent, Sara (on-site photographer-extraordinaire!): if we have to deal with the freezing cold, we'd rather be with her in the Borough Market in London. And you'd better believe we'd be be buying the fixings for a spiced poached clementine pudding.


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