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wonders never cease Friday, February 4, 2011

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th, 2011 welcome weekend.

Happy February! Happy Groundhog Day! (And thanks, Phil, for the sunny spring forecast. We'll believe it when we see it.) We spent last weekend on a buying trip in NYC, so we're excited to be back home, where it's a little warmer, a little calmer, and a lot less noisy. Speaking of NYC...
+...we already gave you a sneak peek of some new spring goodies, so now take a gander at the some of the lovely designers behind the scenes.
+ And while we were gone, we put some handbags on sale.
+ Have you found just the right thing for your Valentine? Just added from Marjorie Victor (and stay tuned for a VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST announcement on Monday!):
+ That ring is as beautiful as a sculpture, yes? Are you inspired to go to a museum, but it's too cold/you're snowed in/you don't live near one/you'd rather sit on your couch? Well. VoilГЎ. Virtual museum tours.
+ And in case you missed it, folks are showing us their layers (outer AND inner).


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